10 Clever Home Organization Hacks That'll Make You Relax and Unwind

10 Clever Home Organization Hacks That'll Make You Relax and Unwind

Are you tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed every time you step into your home? If clutter and disorganization are getting in the way of your relaxation, it's time to make some changes! With a few simple hacks, you can transform your messy home into a serene retreat. In this blog post, we'll cover 10 home organization hacks that will make your space feel more relaxing. Get ready to declutter and unwind!

Tip #1: Create a designated "drop zone" – If your entryway is cluttered with shoes, jackets, and bags, it can create a chaotic feeling as soon as you walk in the door. Create a designated drop zone with a small table or bench, and add storage baskets or hooks for easy organization.

Tip #2: DIY drawer dividers – Tired of digging through a messy drawer to find what you need? Create DIY drawer dividers using cardboard or scrapbook paper to separate items into neat categories.

Tip #3: Over-the-door organizer – Use an over-the-door organizer to corral everything from cleaning supplies to pantry items. It's a great way to free up counter space and keep items easily accessible.

Tip #4: Filing cabinet turned nightstand – If you need extra storage space in your bedroom, repurpose a filing cabinet as a nightstand. The drawers provide plenty of space for bedding, clothes, and other items, while the top surface can be used for a lamp, book, or decorative items. 

Use a bookcase as nightstand

Tip #5: Drawer organizers for makeup – Keep your makeup collection tidy by using drawer organizers. They can be found in various sizes and shapes, and will keep your products separated and easy to find.

Tip #6: Hanging closet organizers – Use hanging closet organizers to make the most of your closet space. They're perfect for storing shoes, accessories, and even folded clothes.

Tip #7: Under-bed storage – If you're short on storage space, why not use the space under your bed? Invest in some under-bed storage containers to store off-season clothing, shoes, and other items you don't use regularly.

Tip #8: Repurpose a ladder – Don't have a place to store towels or blankets? Repurpose a ladder as a decorative storage solution. Lean it against the wall and drape your towels or throw blankets over the rungs. 

use a ladder for storage

Tip #9: Command hooks – Command hooks are perfect for organizing a variety of items around your home. Use them to hang towels, robes, or even your hair dryer in the bathroom.

Tip #10: Label everything – When everything has a designated home, it's easier to keep your home organized. Labeling items in your pantry, drawers, and closets will help you stay on track and avoid clutter.

Take some time this weekend to declutter and implement these simple hacks. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel when you have a tidy and serene home to come back to.

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